TESS – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my shoulder hurt or become bruised?

A: The most common cause of bruising is when the shotgun is incorrectly mounted or where poor mount is combined with the use of a high-velocity cartridge. Your personal shooting instructors will show you the correct way to hold and mount a shotgun, and for teaching purposes, we only use a very light cartridge. Popular with women and children is the option to use our smaller bore light-weight shotguns and cartridges and if necessary recoil dampening can be also be used.

Q: Safety – Do I need protective clothing or equipment?
A: Hearing and eye protection is essential. For protection from pieces of broken clays, a hat is recommended. Although you are welcome to use your own, hats, hearing and eye protection are all supplied. Clothing should be appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions. Wellington boots are not necessary at the school grounds, but may occasionally be required for Gaynes Park.

Q: How reliable is your equipment?
A: At the Essex Shooting School, traps are bolted to cement basis, are supplied with mains power and are controlled remotely. As a result, we have never had to cancel an event due to equipment failure, do not need to disrupt a shooting session to change trap batteries, and are able to deliver clay targets in an almost unlimited range of angles, heights and speeds.

Q: Do I need a shotgun (licence) certificate to shoot at the school?
A: No, you do not need to have a shotgun certificate to learn to shoot at the school. However, you will need one before you obtain a shotgun or cartridges and please remember that as a shooting school customer you are assured a good deal when making a purchase at our on-site shop.

If you already have your own shotgun, please ensure you bring your shotgun certificate with you when attending the school, especially if you intend to purchase cartridges during your visit.

Q: Do your prices include VAT?
A: Yes and No – all prices are subject to VAT at current rates. However, under current regulations the lesson part of your fee is VAT exempt e.g. VAT will be added to all prices, except for the lesson fee.